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Nutrifaster | Commercial Juice Extractor

Ruby 2000 Mk II
Model: RB-2000/2

The Ruby 2000/2 Multifruit Juice Extractor produces a continuous supply of fresh, rich and delicious juice from all kind of fruit and vegetables.

Very often copied but never matched in Quality & Reliability since its introduction in 1985, the Nutrifaster Ruby 2000/2 Juice Extractor is the benchmark, and has remained the most dominant and wanted juicer on the market today.

Produces an incredible 1.5 Litres of pulp free juice in only 30 seconds

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Zumex | Commercial Multifruit Juicer

Intelligent, Efficient, Functional, Intuitive
Model: Multifruit

Zumex | re-launching in Australia | Spring 2012
Brought to you by Nutrifaster Australia

Zumex has placed all their experience, knowledge and technology into designing the most advanced juicer on the market, we'll certainly never be lost for words in describing it - Its Speed Control, its Brushless induction motor and its triple safety system are just some examples which demonstrate that intelligence can be designed.

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